For an acknowledged social media strategy to work, posting content, multiple times a day, is no longer working in their favour. For a brand to be prosperous online, its social media presence needs to create a dialogue with the consumer using high quality content and impact visuals. We know how the industry works and what works in and about the industry - from boosting your likes, supervising your tweets, acing your Instagram to making boards on pinterest - we've got you covered. As a creative company with an active focus on social media marketing, we have a team of social media executives who meticulously study your brand, understand its barriers and develop tailor made advertising campaigns to increase engagement. We focus on running great quality Facebook ad-campaigns with the intention of getting the consumer to understand your brand and to create a devoted targeted digital community that directly impacts your sales. We also like to run social media campaigns inspired by important and current happenings which can be integrated offline, over and above regular social media management. Our zealous team of designers and developers create social media apps from scratch using strategically devised methods. We esteem ourselves in creating apps that are fun, help in brand building as well as educate users in the most competent manner. We help in taking your offline credibility online and engage with your audience by dispensing social media management and optimization is handled according to your brand's principals and philosophies. We demand social media to hold on to the "social".