Mobile application development is identical to Web application development as it has its roots in more conventional software development. One main contrast is that mobile applications are often written specifically to take advantage of the features, a unique mobile device offers. In the future, it's expected that a larger part of mobile application development efforts will concentrate on creating browser-based applications that are device skeptic. Browser-based applications are actually websites that are designed for mobile browsers. Such sites are built to load quickly over a cellular network and have finger-friendly navigation. We create strategies to overcome mobile development projections including memory and processor limitations, periodic network access and finite battery power. Our team is expert at learning how to effectively use application architectures for a wide range of devices through the hands on experience. It is also important to explain the factors to consider when designing a software for multiple platforms as we understand the relationship between the mobile industry and emerging technologies including cloud computing and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We have a broad knowledge into the new trends and features in the mobile device marketplace.

   Technology Used


If you have a brand, then going with the trend of communicating with your whole audience, you should have an app for an android based phone. With millions of people in the world use android based mobile phones



Code01 is has a pool of talented mobile application developers who cater to a lot of clients spread worldwide. Our expert team of UI or UX designers follow an agile methodology for making the applications as perfect as it can be



With the rising number of windows based mobiles, there needs to be a rise in the number of applications. The experts in our team work through the embedded security walls and deliver applications which overwhelm you, and we work



CODE01 is ramified in the development of the simplest to the most complicated solutions and productive applications with opulent multimedia and graphics features from scratch to mastering it



It is a native application that can only effectively be done using native level programming. The present form is an open source platform developed by Symbian Foundation and was used by many other major companies and above all Nokia until 2010, when suddenly Android completely overshadowed it


iPad App

Code01 has a pool of talented iPad application developers who cater to a lot of clients spread worldwide.


Code01 has a pool of talented PhoneGap application developers who cater to a lot of clients spread worldwide.


Code01 has a pool of talented HTML5 application developers who cater to a lot of clients spread worldwide.

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